Friday, January 16, 2009

A mag to savour

I asked my cooking class instructor what magazines he recommends for aspiring cooks, and one of the ones he mentioned was Saveur. I visited its site, and I confess, I'm hooked. Tons of delicious looking recipes with simple to follow instructions, beautiful photos, and lots of how-to tips and advice on everything from skimming fat from stock to preserving lemons.

You can also sign up for their e-newsletter to receive weekly menu suggestions. This week's sounds delicious. It's for a lunch with friends and features recipes for ricotta crostini with cherry tomatoes, miso-marinated salmon, a spring salad, Breton butter cake for dessert, and a delightful-looking cocktail called Death in the Afternoon, named for the Ernest Hemingway novel about bullfighting.

Since browsing through the site and the latest newsstand edition, which is geared toward home cooks like me, I've decided to subscribe for a year. Though they're great for putting the recipes on the site I find it's nice to be able to browse through the pages of the actual magazine.

Hope to try some of their incredible looking recipes soon!



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