Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Brunch at The Lakeview

Torontonians love their brunch and I'm no exception. But with the holiday craziness in December, and settling into the New Year, it had been weeks since I'd been out for one. So when my friend Olga suggested earlier in the week that a bunch of us get together for Sunday brunch this weekend, I needed no convincing.

Our initial plan was to meet at The Dakota Tavern for their Sunday Bluegrass Brunch, but arriving shortly after 11am we found it packed to the rafters, with an hour's wait before a table would be available. So, we headed around the corner to The Lakeview, formerly Lakeview Lunch, at the corner of Ossington Ave. and Dundas St. West.

I'd been to Lakeview Lunch with another friend years ago - and I remembered that though the seating was a bit cramped, my brekkie, Eggs Florentine, was lovely. Well the new owners have done a bang-up job in reno'ing the Lakeview. Happily, they kept the diner feel of the original, which had been around since 1932, but freshened everything up. White wallpapered walls, spacious, comfortable new booths, Art Deco touches here and there.

And though our food took a while to arrive, we were in no rush, happily chatting away over our coffees. When it did come, everyone seemed pleased with their order - from the smoked salmon Eggs Benedict, to 'The Standard' poached eggs and peameal, to my French toast, which came stuffed with lemon ricotta and Canadian maple syrup on the side.

So, though we may not have had banjo music accompanying our breakfast, The Lakeview was a fine substitute indeed.

The Lakeview
1132 Dundas St. West, at the corner of Ossington Ave.



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