Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Eating on the cheap

I like to think I'm pretty practical when it comes to buying groceries. For fruits and vegetables I buy what's in season and I frequent greengrocers where lemons can be had five for $1 rather than chain grocery stores which often charge more. I don't buy pricey seafood that much (even though I know I should be getting more fish in my diet), and lately I've turned to buying more flavourful (and cheaper) chicken thighs instead of chicken breasts.

That said, on occasion I've spent way too much on cheese, thrown out wilted, soggy vegetables I forgot about, and pitched milk and eggs past their due date. The point is, we could all take a lesson in making the most of our grocery bill without having to resort to boxed mac and cheese. I read this article recently about how a couple went from spending $300 a week on food (yikes!) to $50. Check it out, there are some good ideas.

For example, I can attest to the cheapness of stock bones. I picked up a bag of chicken bones from a butcher for a scant $2, and if I'd had a bigger order I wager they would've been thrown in gratis.

Happy, and thrifty, shopping.



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