Thursday, February 5, 2009

Endive, pear, and blue cheese salad

It's been said that we eat with our eyes. But have you ever made, or been served, a dish that looks lip-smackingly wonderful, only to find it ever so slightly less spectacular once you've tasted it?

Perfect example? Wedding cakes. I find the more elaborate the cake, the more it tastes like packing material. A simple cake? Usually the most delicious.

Anyway, here's a case of a dish that doesn't look like much - the three ingredients are white, or off-white, which doesn't leave much room for prettiness on the plate - but tastes very good indeed. At least I think so.

The three main ingredients, as mentioned in the title, are Belgian endive (2-3 sliced crosswise), Bosc pear (1 quartered, seeded, and sliced), and a Danish blue cheese (rough chunks, as much as you like).

Chopped up and tossed in a bowl with a splash of white wine vinaigrette, these three ingredients are perfectly suited for one another. The bitterness of the endive is offset by the sweetness of the pear, which in turn gets a kick from the sharp, tangy blue cheese. A quick dressing of one part white wine vinegar to three parts olive oil, with a teaspoon of Dijon mustard and some salt and pepper to taste, and you have a simple but elegant supper.

It may look boring, but I guarantee you the flavours are anything but.



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